My Dad, My Father & My Heavenly Father Pt.2 + 2.5

Before I begin: Let me just start by saying HOLY COW! and THANK YOU!  I can't believe the thousands of you that this story has reached. It's amazing and comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey. I have been hearing from so many of you guys how…


Free! Felt Ornaments for Jesus Storybook Bible

Free Guide to my Handmade Felt Ornaments These felt ornaments are a fun tradition for you and your kiddo's as well as a great learning opportunity for them! These advent ornaments help us to keep Christ at the center of Christmas and bring the focus back to Jesus. It's so easy to…


My Dad, My Father & My Heavenly Father Pt. 1

This story has been a draft since May 2019 because I have been having a hard time deciding whether or not I should talk about this sensitive area of my life with all of you, mostly because I was feeling guilty and afraid of who I might hurt in the process...…


Father’s Day Gift Idea’s with Ritters Garden & Gift

Ritters Garden & Gift Spokane's Largest Family-Owned Nursery & Garden Center How I discovered Ritters I discovered Ritters Garden & Gift about a year ago when they were hosting an event at their shop (which they do often). I quickly fell in love with the nursery and gift shop the second…

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