Free! Felt Ornaments for Jesus Storybook Bible

Free Guide to my Handmade Felt Ornaments These felt ornaments are a fun tradition for you and your kiddo's as well as a great learning opportunity for them! These advent ornaments help us to keep Christ at the center of Christmas and bring the focus back to Jesus. It's so easy to…


Free Floral PDF Printable’s

Free Printable's Of My Laundry Room Floral Drawings I am working on free-hand painting these florals on my laundry room wall as my own version of wallpaper! Make sure to check out my Instagram page @pacificnorthjess_ to see the progress in stories and the completed project! Click a photo for the…


Stick Christmas Tree

This post may contain affiliate links Let me just start by saying, ANYONE can do this! It can be any size, for any wall space on any budget! This project was budget friendly :) In total: I spent $36 (Keeping in mind that I already had string and twinkle lights)


Brown Paper Gift Wrap Animals – Free Printable Stencils

This post may contain affiliate links Pinterest Inspiration Pictured above is the image I found on Pinterest that I absolutely LOVED and wanted so badly to recreate with things I had around my house. I will link the original pin below, but I have no idea who the owner of this…


Tiny Bathroom Refresh for under $60

Tiny Bathroom Refresh! This tiny bathroom sincerely creeped me out before this refresh (I called this my creepy bathroom) and i'm so excited this space is finally done so I can actually use it instead of avoid it like the plague... This took me ONE DAY and in the end only…


DIY Triangle Shelf

What You Will Need: 1" x 8" x 8'  boards. For outer structure, shelves, and Triangle inserts. (Depending on the size you would like your shelf, these dimensions may very. The dimensions of mine: all sides are 8 feet. And i believe it is Aspen wood. Also: shelves may be 1/2" Aspen boards,…


Landscape Idea For A Rental House On A Budget

Bird Houses Here's The Inspiration for this project I was looking for space-filling landscape ideas on Pinterest a few weeks ago because we have this huge open wall below our front window that is so bare and i wanted something to dilute it. I would put a flower box there if…


How I Lightened My Round Oak Table

Before Broken & Destroyed This Table was handed down to me by an old man who actually pulled it out of his barn! He told me this table was her 100 years old; It was his family table growing up, and knows it was around before him as well. This table…


How to strip stain with Oven Cleaner!

What You Will Need: Oven Cleaner:  for this project I used Great Value fume free oven cleaner. Sponges Dry Rags Bucket of water  Rubber Gloves Drop cloth or Tarp so you don't ruin anything else Why this is a good alternative to actual stain remover: If you are anything like me,…


How to make your own Chalk Paint!

I'm gonna share with you a trick I recently learned! I have spent so much money on chalk paint in the past for something I could have been making at home... dang it!That's ok tho. I recently decided to paint everything in my house because I'm bothered by the many different…


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