Father’s Day Gift Idea’s with Ritters Garden & Gift

Ritters Garden & Gift

Spokane’s Largest Family-Owned Nursery & Garden Center

How I discovered Ritters

I discovered Ritters Garden & Gift about a year ago when they were hosting an event at their shop (which they do often). I quickly fell in love with the nursery and gift shop the second I walked in! 

They have everything you can imagine in there along with their GORGEOUS garden center full of every plant you can imagine.

Their gift shop is full of locally made products, bags & clothing, cooking utensils & herbs, the cutest farmhouse home decor, board games & a candy store, gardening tools, pottery & fountains…. Just to name a few!

Their Garden center is full of beautiful Baskets, Houseplants, Perennials & Annuals, Vegetables & Herbs, Trees & Shrubs and Floral arrangements.

I’ve been to a few nursery’s in Spokane since moving here and Ritters always takes the cake.

Gift Idea's At Ritters

I went down to Ritters Garden & Gift to collect a few idea’s for you guys for Fathers Day that you can pick up for you old man while your getting him something for his garden! They have a huge selection of amazing Father’s Day gifts that would be perfect for this years holiday.

Here’s just a few things they have to offer!

Gentleman’s Hardware

What dad doesn’t need this? And I mean NEED this… lol
This is a perfect little handheld mens manicure set that your old man can keep in his drawer at home or also travel with on trips!

These are stainless steel tools & a grey waxed canvas case.

Is your old man a coffee lover? ARCTOS Coffee & Roasting Company is local to Spokane! Does it get better than giving a gift that is also supporting local business? 
It doesn’t.

This coffee is 100% Arabic coffee. Dark chocolate, red berry, toffee, molasses, full body, mild acidity.

Pair this awesome coffee with a nice new mug that suits his personality. Ritters has a HUGE selection of awesome mugs.
Showing only 2 of so many!

Is your dad the chef in the family!?

Somehow, in my family, all the men are the chefs.

This is a local extra virgin olive oil from Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Co.
Again, those local gifts are the best, am i aright?

This olive oil comes in a variety of sizes and flavors such as Garlic, Lemon, Lime, Blood Orange & Mission.

Hello Soap

One of Ritters most popular products is these incredible smelling soaps! They smell even better than the description states. You have to go in and smell these yourself!

My personal favorite was Icelandic Moss!

Fragrances include: Volcanic Ash, Cabin Soap, Angelic Herb, Cedar Wood Soap, Icelandic Kelp and Icelandic Moss.

All amazing scents for you old man.


Look at those socks! LOL

Eery dad wants to be the cool dad. Why not make them feel like the cool dad with some cool dad socks. Lots of sock options for eery kind of old man.

Plus, some of the COOLEST hats! Local or not.
Seriously awesome adventure type dad hats.

DeWit Gardening Tools

Handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee, these tools are more than a tool, they are an heirloom.

Get your gardening dad the best possible gardening tools he could ever get. Not only are they great quality, but look at how good they look too!?

From the Candy Store

Draft BEER Jelly beans!? To me, those don’t sound like something i would like, however I immediately think about my dad! haha Just a fun little addition for a dads Fathers Day gift.

And the BIGFOOT candy from Spokandy themselves!
I love the Family Poo… If your dad is humorous, he needs this gift this year!

-The Bigfoot Family Poo is a blend of milk chocolate peanuts, dark chocolate raisins & chocolate blueberries.
-The Bigfoot Paw is pure milk chocolate filled with caramel.


Here’s a couple more odds and ends i found around the shop!

  • Mr. Fabulous Notepad for your dads office!

  • TURDCULES Toilet spray (all dads need this lol)
  • Zombie Flamingo Lawn Art (so cool).

  • The perfect sign for your dads man cave.
    “I only do what the voices in my wife’s head tell her to tell me to do.”

They Have Cards Too!

Make Ritters your one-stop shop for Father’s Day.
They even have cards to finish off your gifting adventure.

And The Amazing Garden Center

Ritters also has the most gorgeous garden center! We decided that we would also include some pictures of their newest shipment of houseplant & florals in case your Papa has a green thumb!


Florals & landscapes

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    This is one of the best Father’s Day gifts out there. Your dad will have plenty of pride after grooming his facial hair with a beard kit that includes a brush, comb, oil, balm, and scissors. This best-selling grill is what his backyard’s been missing. What’s more, it’s under $100 (and ships fast).

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