Leopard Is Back You Guys…


Have you guy’s been out shopping this month!? I swear, EVERY
floor set in the mall right now has leopard print. Including the kid’s sections. And it’s better than it used to be… I almost bought this leopard romper for Holly today so that we could match…
hahaha yaaaa I’m that mama.

Cut right to the chase:

This dress is from Princess Polly Boutique! Now, I don’t have a discount code for this, but I have some instagram girlfriends who do, so stay tuned for a discount at the end.

If you’e never checked out Princess Polly, trust me, it’ll be worth your time. Everything is so cute! Some a bit scandalous for me, but so much more adorable pieces, It’s my GO TO place! 

Like this Leopard Lavigne Mini Dress. It’s fully stocked right now I’m in the XS/Small.

I have zero complaints about this dress. It’s length is perf (high-low design), it’s neckline isn’t too low, and the material is so comfortable, flowy and breathable. This is my favorite dress that I own.

I feel like you could dress this up or down… Which you all know isn’t always that easy to find in a dress, plus, it’ll get me through SO MANY SEASONS! Which is all I care about… Shop Smart, Shop Less.

I wear this shopping because its so easy to take on and off, I’d wear it to a baby shower, a bridal shower, running errands, a party, to dinner, to lunch, even to breakfast, etc. It’s so versatile you cannot go wrong.

Now, I myself don’t have a coupon code but a couple instagram friends of mine do!

If you don’t already follow Dani Austin on instagram @daniaustin, you’re missing out. Go follow that sassy mama, she’s a role model for sure. She has a 20% discount code “XODANI”, go show her some love on her instagram as well!

And if for whatever reason that doesn’t work, My other DOLL of a IG friend is Jessica Crum! @jesshogancrum her code is “JC20”
You have to go follow along with her, she’s such a sweet heart. 

You seriously won’t regret following either of them 🙂


Also I believe any first time customer to Princess Polly gets 10% off the for subscribing 🙂

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