My Favorite Spring Finds!

What I love about these finds

Alright guys, these overalls are the absolute best things I’ve ever found. I don’t think ill take them off until it snows again! They feel VINTAGE! No joke. They are soft like they’re worn in denim, the booty looks like they did back in the day, and they are so comfy. I have had a grip of denim overalls (even real vintage ones) and these knock every pair out of the park. if you buy one thing this summer, let it be these. AND they are under $50! Boom.


My sneakers might be a bit harder to find, however they come in like 5 colors and they are like walking on a cloud… They were under $20 when I got them and I can’t even imagine how affordable they are now that the stores are closing. find your local Payless and snag a pair of these before they shut the doors forever.


Ok and as for my tee, I literally live in this one. I have quite a few but this one is just so flattering. I like a tee that is a tiny bit more fitted up top, but loosens up right after it leaves the chest. I dont like my tee’s to be tight around my rib cage. Winner!


And my most recent self tanner find is THE BEST! I’ve been using this one for a few weeks now and its so forgiving. it doesn’t make you orange or even TOO dark. it just covers up the look of translucent skin or the blue and purple look our legs can get in the summer and makes my skin look so much more creamy. It’s also so much easier on the hands and feet than any self tanner I have used. A good tip if you decide to use this one: It goes on way more tan than it turns out! So don’t freak out when you start out looking dirty lol.

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