My Review On 3 Different Amazon Pasties


(AKA: Nipple/Breast Covers)

So for a few weeks I have been trying out a few pasties I found on Amazon to see the differences in quality, longevity, and what works for my body type. I will be sure to link the exact ones I ordered in each description.

Alright, I am starting with the kind I actually recommend the most for people of all shapes to their chest! 

Personally, I struggled a tiny bit with these ones because I am very flat chested so the “thickness” (they really aren’t thick though) of these ones combined with how small they are, made a little lump on my chest. 

These worked great for me if I was wearing a loose shirt! I would gravitate to these every time if I wasn’t wearing something that was tight. You weren’t able to see them at all on me when I wore loose clothes.

These were the best because:
– The adhesive lasted the longest. All day on a hot day through the sweating and everything.
-They are reusable for many more uses than the others.
-They come with 4, So on top of being reusable, you also have backups.

*P.S: I am wearing these in the picture above, and you can kind of tell what I’m talking about with the lump*



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These are the tape kind; Pull up and stick on for a lifted look.

These were my personal favorite for the look under a fitted shirt. Since having a baby, the lift was helpful for me with what I have left. HOWEVER, if you have more chest, I don’t think you will like these. 

The adhesive doesn’t last all day, so if you aren’t wearing something tight to sort of support them, they may fall off as you sweat. I don’t have a heavy chest so I could get away with it for a half a day.

Also, If you have a chest, when you pull these up you will end up with a side boob crease. I don’t have a chest and I still got that crease so I imagine it only gets worse the larger you are.

What I DID like:
– They were larger coverage so they didn’t create a lump under my shirt.
– They weren’t silicone on the outside, they were sort of a bandaid material so my shirt didn’t stick to them or anything and it felt smooth.
– I felt way more secure with these because of the coverage area.


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Last and definitely least…

These are basically just a sticker and I can’t think of a scenario where these would work except MAYBE if you’re large chested.

Idk if they just didn’t lay flat on me because I don’t have enough surface area to cover, but these weren’t my thing.

They stuck VERY well, so I give them an A for that. But they didn’t exactly serve the purpose I was personally looking for.

If you are looking for basically a flat cover for you nipple that sticks well, these would work for that.


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