Moody Collection


Make your feed look like you’re walking through Downtown Portland, OR!


This Bundle includes 4 Moody Presets, with lots of attitude, inspired by the Pacific North West ❤️

Lightroom Presets are the quickest & most effective way to edit your photos.

This bundle of presets was carefully created and refined to enhance your images Indoors OR Outdoors to make your feed look like you’re walking through downtown Portland, OR!

Package Includes:

  • S E A T T L E  Preset
  • S H A D Y  Preset
  • O V E R C A S T  Preset
  • S H A D O W  Preset
    + 2 Bonus Presets

SCORE! Bonuses included in this purchase:
– Visual mobile download instructions
– Tips & Tricks to Master Your Photography Skills
– Learning Lightroom – What you can do after applying your preset


This pack is easily worth over $100! In fact, you will find this same style preset at a price of $130+ on competitors sites. WHAT!? I cannot justify that…

I worked so hard on these, and I KNOW you will love them.

Make your Insta-feed dreams come to life ✌🏼

*Note: this file will never expire, but there is a download limit. If you exceed your limit, send me an email and I will be happy to send it to you again 🙂


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