P I N E S Preset


P I N E S is by far the best and a must have in your Lightroom Mobile app ✌🏼


The base of all the beauty! The P I N E S Preset <3

If you are new to presets, start here. This preset covers all of the bases and will not over correct any colors in your photos.
If you LOVE pops of color!? Check out the PNJ Preset Bundle! ✌🏼

I love THIS preset because you can use it indoors or outdoors with little to no tweaking needed.

I use this one on 75% of my photos because of its ability to subtle unnecessary background distraction when I’m exploring the PNW, while exposing all of its texture and highlighting beauty in the shadows. This preset will put a shimmer in your hair, lighten up those pesky shadows and bring out what is hiding underneath them, while adding a CRISP finish to your capture. I’m telling ya, the oceans and the mountains will never look better ✌🏼

SCORE! Bonuses included in this purchase:
– Visual mobile download instructions
– Tips & Tricks to Master Your Photography Skills
– Learning Lightroom – What you can do after applying your preset

This preset is easily worth $50 on competing sites WITHOUT the added bonus’s… But I just can’t justify purchasing a preset for that price!?
And neither should you <3

DISCLAIMER. Due to the inability to return a digital product, all preset sales are final. Digital product cannot be returned, no refunds are available. Digital files and Presets cannot be resold or shared. Unauthorized distribution of the @PNJPRESETS is prohibited and will be met with legal action. Email for support.


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